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NUSANTARA : Sawarna's Wave

NUSANTARA : Sawarna's Wave

"If a home is wherever you lay your heart, then let's take a trip to discover a new one."

A sunny trip for me is a faultless idea. My last visit on the coast, embracing my sea-soaked hair. Listened to the waves. Tasted the salty air. Headed to the westernmost of Java, to all the summer soul's sanctuary called Sawarna. 

Of all the beauties in Indonesia Bantenis well-known for it sacred myths and legendary folks. Sawarna, peculiarly, is an irrefutable natural glow of Banten that is a playground to a surfer. The waves may be one of the best as it’s a part of the Indian Ocean. The positive side says that it close to Jakarta. Which we can stay away from the terrific traffic and be zen for a bit. Until I tell you that it takes 7 hours approximately winding up and down rural roads. Prepare your mountain shoes because you have to hike and cave also pass through a hanging bridge. Nothing comes free. It all paid off by the beauty landscape I can guarantee. What is more astounding than the vast expanse of rice fields, relaxing. Though the heat is tempered up, I still felt a hint of a breeze. There are many beaches along the coastline, but the landmark of them all is Tanjung Layar. All dominated by white sands along the horizon. Although, I'm not a surf person I still enjoyed every second. I got my feet in the warm sand, let the ocean kiss my toes. This hidden idyllic kingdom sure a highlight in my journal. I tasted the warmness of the locals as I tasted the sunbeam. The vivid blue hue eventually evolved into violet as the warm tangerinerays mellowed on the west. And the light of the moon took over the palette.

pictures by : Muhammad Risky (@emaestroo,

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