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A Glimpse from Layana



Inspired by memories of a long overseas trip. Beyond the expectation. The memories that are deeply embedded in the creator’s heart. 

An open space, where the dream of a dream can finally become simple poems. Which expressed in this collection with a touch of modest, loose and downy schemes.

 Layana, is taken from Kawi language means to flow continuously. This story is about her. A strong Javanese woman who have always dreamed of sailing the seas. Starting from tributaries flowing and bring her float away into the ocean to a place beyond the sea. With all the courage decide to wander alone for the sake of a million dreams that she had. 

  The ambiance of simple and classic European style, more implied in this collection. Especially on the maroquinerie. Specially designed for summer time, in this season it might be slightly chiller. Never skip the Javanese essentials detailed on a timeless pattern.

Posted on 01/31/2017 Home, Inspiration 0 235

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