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FOLKROLE : Haven Of Wanderlust

FOLKROLE : Haven Of Wanderlust

"It was a full moon at that time, he was walking in the wood. Suddenly he hears sounds of women near a waterfall. He slowly came closer to the direction of sounds, he hides behind the trees and saw 7 beautiful women taking a bath"

Sitting on the middle-massive rock at the shore of the lake, she gazes around then flashing back to the first sunset she spent with her lover.

All that's visible is a sheet of silk that started all of those scrapes. It was a vivid day that she and her six sisters agreed to have a splash in a fount. The vibes were breathtaking, where lies most captivating hues.  With tropical vegetation ranging from rich mauve to crimson. The rosy sky shockingly appeared while all of them were ready to leave. She was more than hundred percent sure that it was there, her shawl. Frozen still with unstoppable tears. In the heat of the moment, a young man appeared, then wiped her sorrow. He led the way to the mysterious woods with an extravagant pattern. Both were falling in love at the drop of a hat. Years after, a baby was gifted as a bounty.

 Back on the lake, she watches the sun set behind the Isles.  The reflection of a rosy sky and peachy puff clouds appear on the liquid. Hesitating what the true love is. Cry over a spilled milk. Her hair frazzle, cheeks flush. Spreading her pale goldenrod silk that she found in the granary. Getting off the ground with hopes in the castle above the clouds.


The story of Nawang Wulan, a Javanese folklore. 

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